Jucca FW 14/15


New delivery of women’s fashion stock clothing – Jucca (fall-winter 2013/14 collection). Jucca is at the head of Market Industrie S.r.L., a company holding also the trademarks: Suoli and Tessa.

The characteristic feature of Jucca collections is the great harmony of colours and styles for an ever-new combination in shape and substance.  Collection made up of a genuine, spontaneous, gently passionate womanliness. Like that of the Mediterranean woman, who is independent and not tied to a commonplace. And Jucca is able to dress her at any time of day, always making her feel good about herself. There you will find lot of beautiful dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts and outerwear.

JUCCA Fall Winter 2014/2015 Video Campaign from Vincenzo Schioppa on Vimeo.

Video Campaign Fall Winter of JUCCA

Shot in London

ART DIRECTION : st7milano.com
VIDEO : nssfactory.com
PHOTO : matteomontanari.com