Terms & Conditions

Operating conditions

Hello! Below are given the basic rules and operating conditions of wholesale online shop BALTICTEX. Please refer to them prior to making your order:

1. Ordering options

1.1 When you register, please fill in all the boxes, especially the address and telephone number (preferably mobile), since to this address your order will be shipped, and the transport company will contact you at this phone number.

1.2 All prices are WITHOUT VAT 21%.

1.3 Delivery expenses are NOT included into the price.

1.4 Prices at the site are indicated for a unit of goods.

1.5 Minimum order amount is 500 EUR.

1.6 The indicated prices are in force for the current date. The seller reserves the rights to change prices in the online catalogue without prior notice.

2. Invoice payment

2.1 After the order is made, to your e-mail will be forwarded a proforma invoice with additional information on payment and bank details necessary for performing the money transfer. Please notice that in the box purpose of payment you have to indicate the order number. Please contact us if upon making the order you have not received a message to your e-mail.

2.2 Prepayment in the amount of 10% of order price is to be transferred in 3 days’ time. When we receive prepayment or its confirmation, the order is collected (1-3 working days), those orders, which have arrived on days-off or holidays, are collected on the next working day. In the event if the order is cancelled or dissolved we reserve the right not to return the prepayment.

2.3 Upon collection of your order, you will receive the final invoice to your e-mail. All orders are shipped only after the 100% payment of invoice.

3. Order Delivery

3.1 The shipping is performed on the next day after receipt of payment in our account, with the help of transport companies at your choice or at our recommendation. The shipping price quotation to the specific address will be discussed individually.

3.2 You can always arrive to our Office and receive your order by yourself.

3.3 Any order is placed on stand-by for 7 days after the final invoice have been sent. If in 7 days’ time the invoice has not been paid, the order is being dissolved.

4. Documents

4.1 Upon the shipping you receive a copy of bill of lading to your e-mail (CMR).

4.2 If you want to insure your cargo, please inform our manager about it prior to delivery. Please note that all risk connected with damage or loss of goods is transferred to the buyer at the moment when the order is handed over to the transport company.

5. Product

5.1 Due to the fact that the amount and assortment of goods in stock is constantly changing, certain positions may not be available. For this reason the final invoice can differ (up to 5%) from proforma invoice.

5.2 Clothing patterns within lots of one article can partly differ. At the site you will find photos of patterns of one lot.

5.3 If defective articles are discovered in the order, please send the photos of the article to us. During the process of order collection all articles are carefully checked for defects and chances are high that the defect arouse during shipping. If the photos show that it is a manufacturer’s defect, in this case we are ready to compensate the value of the article with the next order.