Uniqueness by PINKO is back! The innovative project launched on line in 2010 is the most innovative expression within the world of PINKO in terms of product, research and inspirational mood.
Uniqueness is an incubator of new styles and trends, an authentic virtual workshop for artists, designers, stylists, photographers and celebrities from the international fashion who are called upon to interpret capsule collections and unique projects representing the brand’s genetic code.
An unconventional approach to life. A fascinating exoticism, an boundless desire for freedom. The smartness of a globetrotter mixed with the elegance of a jet-setter.PINKO UNIQUENESS woman likes to experiment merging a carefree and light style with bohemian sophistication. Free women with a strong personality, determined and positive. They choose hippy, cool and chic clothes that always emphasize femininity. Long baloon skirts, soft and slender dresses, unbuttoned men shirts, cardigans and sweaters in light cashmere. Tropical or ethnic prints characterize the collection. The color palette is natural: blue, cocoa, white, red and denim are proposed as solid or in color-blocking.