BalticTex – stock clothing wholesale

Baltictex stock clothing company operating in the European market since 2005. Baltictex today recognized as one of the biggest companies for the supply of stock clothes in the Baltic countries. We specialize in stock clothing supply of dozen well-known brands. All items of clothing are delivered directly from the European factories: France, Italy, Spain, Denmark.
In our warehouse you will find: wide selection of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.
Due to the large volumes of parties we are able to supply new stock clothes at prices that will pleasantly surprise both new and our regular customers.





Stock clothing

Stock clothing – is a completely new clothes, which for some reason remained “in stock”, and remained on the stock manufacturer. Such reasons may be several, and they are quite simple: it’s either stock, resulting from overproduction of clothing in a factory, or refusal wholesale network from purchasing clothes. Since plants constantly get new orders for tailoring new collection of clothing remains unclaimed and is implemented through the factory stock sale. Stock clothing delivered directly from European factories are: significant savings of money; good quality fabrics and high color fastness.





We are supplying retail shops and wholesale distributors with high quality branded clothing, footwear and accessories for very reasonable price. In Stocklots section you can found available stocklots with the photos and packing lists and place an order online. Of course you are welcome in our warehouse where you can inspect the goods and make the manual selection. For large wholesale purchases please contact us for more details.